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Insect Bites Remedies

Parents, especially mothers would have their own ways of protecting their children against any possible danger; be it inside or outside the house. And with the frequently changing weather, there are so many threats to children’s health. And among the factors that are posting danger to children insect bites prove to be one of the most prevalent. Insect bites may be done by several pests and insects that are feeding on humans’ blood. These insects are very attracted to children, especially to infants due to their sweet scent and pure blood. Parents should watch out for the following insects and the dangerous illnesses they can incur among kids by just touching and biting their skins.

a. Mosquito

These insects normally inhabits in dark and cold places. That is why they are found to be lurking and flying under the table, in small crevices, empty and wet drums and bottles, and many other locations. They usually bite at night but there are types of mosquitoes who are attacking at day time and they are the Asian Tiger Mosquito. But among different types of mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti served to be the dreaded one because it is the one that can transmit dengue or the yellow fever. They can easily multiply in stagnant water, especially if kept in a dark or dim place.

The best preventive solution against any type of mosquitoes is cleanliness. Always put cover to all containers with water. Dispose old tires because it is also another nesting place for them. Schedule a regular fumigation paired with anti-mosquito aerosol sprays for more intensive action. As for your children, let them put on insect repellents every once in a while. There are available insect repellents in the market that are made of the Neem plant which is a natural insect repellent. It may be used for younger babies and infants.

b. Cockroach

Going through ancient history, cockroaches have already started sprawling and crawling around even before anyone of us has been born. It is said to be the last one standing after the nuclear bombings that killed millions of people. So, you can only imagine how many cockroaches there are now all over the world. You can see them in dirty places most of the time such as canals, sewers, and garbage bins. Just like any other insects, cockroaches can bite human skins. And once you have been bitten, the bite will leave a reddish mark that will gradually become swollen in a few minutes. The bite mark is usually a bit hard and warm. Cockroach bites are slower to heal than mosquito bites. It could even leave a dark mark once it finally heals. If kids are bitten, bites located near the face and neck area can be very fatal. Each cockroach bite is filled with poisonous substances that cause redness and swelling. The poison may spread easily in the sensitive areas of the face and neck. It can lead to suffocation, blood infection, and ultimately, death.

Insect repellents cannot protect your children from cockroaches. There are available home remedies in the market such as aerosol sprays, chalk markers, sticky traps, and many more. But the most effective prevention would be cleaning all places inside the house. And never leave any food crumbs or leftover foods in any part of the house.

c. Bed Bugs

These little critters resemble cockroaches but they are very small, you can only touch them through the tip of your finger. Bed bugs usually take comfort in the small crevices and holes through your furniture including your beds, especially if they are already old and worn out. They love to stay in dark and skimpy places. They attack in the night when the temperature is already cold. You can hardly feel them because of their small size. They only feed once or twice a month, but once they do, they really see to it that they are satisfied. It means they can bite you several times in one night. So, when you see small reddish marks on your skin that are close from each other, they have feasted on you as their food for the night which served as their breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. These insects can reproduce so fast. If you see one at a certain time, surely, you have a bunch of them in your mattress. Their bites are very itchy and can get swollen but not as big as that of with cockroaches.

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate if you are going to do it by yourself. There are pest busters that offer pest control services which include bed bugs. Bed bugs control and elimination will take a day or two if the infestation is already worst. Some may require you to buy new furniture and renovate certain parts of the house.

If you have troubling cases of these insects in your house, do your best to eliminate them before they get to your family. Remember, a simple bite contains thousands and millions of toxins and poisonous chemicals that can be harmful to your child. And in all of these pest cases, the main solution and prevention would be CLEANLINESS.

Source by Alexa Rae Ciriaco